E L - P R O J E K T

About the project

EL PROJEKT - a project to release double CD album with nice to listen electronic music. First disc will contain covers with hits of Big World Masters of electronic music: Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kitaro, Yanni, Mike Oldfield, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and Marek Bilinski performed by Polish artists.

On second disc you will find original compositions of each single artist: Majestibo, EMPI, Jerrvix, Van&Borner, Pazur Colidace, BeeHunter and Daniel Zarzycki. EL PROJEKT is not an official name of music band, it is only session name for this project. Each artist is a solo musician.


Music of EL TEAM artists is also presenting on the Internet (MP3 format).
  • Majestibo (Wrocław),
  • EMPI (Kielce) www,
  • Jerrvix (Warszawa),
  • Pazur Colidace (Gdańsk),
  • Bee Hunter (Warszawa) www,
  • Van & Borner (Katowice) www,
  • Daniel Zarzycki (Katowice) www
The artists use the highest quality equipment:

Ensoniq TS-12, Korg Triton Pro, Korg X3, Korg Poly-61, Korg NS5R, Korg NX5R, Korg Ai-20, Yamaha CS1x Yamaha MU-100R, Yamaha SW1000XG, Yamaha SW60XG, Yamaha SY35, Yamaha PSR510, Roland TB-303, Roland SCC-1, Roland TR-909, Roland JP-8000 and also virtual software synthetisers.

The tracks have been recorded at music studios:
  • B & T Records, Katowice, Poland
  • Capital Music Studio, Katowice, Poland
  • MB Productions Studio, Norfolk, USA
  • EMPI Home Studio, Kielce, Poland
  • NWP Morze Wiatrów, Warszawa, Poland
Institutions that support the EL-PROJEKT:


1. Bee Hunter - Ucieczka z Tropiku (M. Biliński)
2. Daniel Zarzycki - Theme from 'Missing' (Vangelis)
3. Majestibo - Chronologie 4 (J. M. Jarre)
4. Jerrvix - Tyger (Tangerine Dream)
5. Van & Borner - Sacco And Vanzetti (Ennio Morricone)
6. EMPI - Silk Road (Kitaro)
7. Majestibo - Chariots Of Fire (Vangelis)
8. Daniel Zarzycki - Oxygene 10 (J. M. Jarre)
9. EMPI - Almost A Whisper (Yanni)
10. Bee Hunter - Theme From 'Bladerunner' (Vangelis)
11. El-Projekt - The Bell (Mike Oldfield)
12. El-Projekt - El-Projekt Voices


1. Jerrvix - Między niebem a ziemią
2. Bee Hunter - Lab #9
3. EMPI - Collision Trajectory
4. Majestibo - Dance Of Thunder
5. Pazur Colidace - The Twins
6. Daniel Zarzycki - The Unknown Roads
7. Van & Borner - Shadow Dance
8. Van & Borner - Evening On the Island
9. Daniel Zarzycki - Tropical Lights
10. Majestibo - Ode To Somebody
11. Jerrvix - Babie lato
12. EMPI - Two Faces Of The Moon
13. Bee Hunter - Land Of Gods
14. Pazur Colidace - STORM

How to buy the album?

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Premiere: March 25th, 2002.